Stacy Honda is a fine art photographer who uses digital photography and Photoshop to create surreal, dreamlike images. She was born and raised in the Seattle area of Washington State. She started taking classes at a local photography school in 2014, and as she learned about light and portraiture, her passion for creating began to grow. She began with a focus on portrait photography and then soon turned the camera on herself to experiment with self-portraiture. She worked as a model for many years so it felt natural for her to use herself as the characters in her images. Wanting to take her images beyond the boundaries of reality, she learned how to composite and manipulate images in Photoshop. She loves all different kinds of photography, but to be able to create from her imagination is what really excites her. Her images usually begin with a feeling that she turns into a visual. Creating is her way of processing emotions, past experiences and desires.
“Her images are like a magical and enchanted story, a tale that traps and seduces us, that captivates us and transports us along the path of the fictitious and the allegorical while she takes us into the interior of each image to try to find in it the authentic place of thought. A place where the symbolic unfolds a universe of emotions that not only lends itself so that she can get to know herself better but also so that we can do the same.” ~ Francisco González Fernández, ADF Photo